I write this today for a few reasons, reasons I’ll get to as I think of them. It’s a good story with an amazing end.

Uncle Howard
Uncle Howard

My husband’s Uncle Howard, died today. How is that good and amazing? Can’t wait to tell you. Uncle Howard was born little more than 70 years ago. I’ve only known him since I’ve met my husband which is about five years. I remember him as a very intelligent, articulate, well read and handsome. I can see where my husband gets his good looks.

Howard never married and never had children. He was a great brother, son, uncle and friend. He was a published author, besides many other things. He like to live rather spartan and he enjoyed his privacy although he was great fun at family gatherings.

Just three short weeks ago, Howard was diagnosed with cancer. He went to the doctor initially because he felt tired and kind of sore. Tests and surgery later proved his cancer was not only real, but growing at a rate faster than the speed of light, it seemed. There was no treatment, only hospice. At first he was given some months to live, but later weeks. As it happened, it was only three and a half weeks.

What do you do with news like that?

With no wife or children, Howard had his niece Pam, my husband’s sister. She sat with him the entire time. She was there for the diagnosis and there for the bad news. She was there to take care of him in his time of need. By the time the first diagnosis came, we were more worried for his Salvation than anything. We wanted him in Heaven with the Father.

My husband and I were at odds on what to do because we live so far away from him. But we knew we had to do something about his soul. We couldn’t stand the thought of Howard being condemned to Hell for not knowing Jesus, but as a family, we had to act fast. Cousin Bev and my husband talked alot about what we should do and at the time we thought we had time, but yesterday I was so burdened with how bad someone had to get to Howard before death did. I knew the Holy Spirit was dealing with me and my husband heavily.

Thank God for Cousin Bev! She was able to get a flight out of Seattle to Ohio yesterday. She spent the day with him and talked and reminised. She gently talked to him about the Lord. And this morning, June 4, 2009, Uncle Howard was washed and cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Within a couple of hours of accepting Jesus as Lord, Howard went Home to the waiting arms of Jesus Christ. He passed while taking a nap. He had not suffered one bit. Jesus took him Mercifully and quickly. I believe Jesus did that because of the great love He had for Howard for finally accepting Him as Lord and Saviour.

There is beauty for ashes…there is hope in the resurrected Christ, a hope that knowing Him that we will see each other again, in the sweet by and by.

Welcome Home, Uncle Howard. And to God, I give the Glory.

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