“I felt I had to come down and make a statement for Dr. Tiller, who spent his whole life being chased for doing a great job,” said Alden Consolver of Wichita. “I came here because he was a good man.”

Tiller’s son, Maury said, “I believe that God decided, ‘You have done everything I asked a person to do here on earth. Now I will show the world what a loving, compassionate, courageous, selfless man you are.’ And so it happened…..He went to be in that better place. And dear God, get heaven ready, because Mr. Enthusiasm is coming. Heaven will never be the same.”

The good St. George, patron saint of baby slaughter.

His father started the ‘family business’. George Tiller learned his father had performed illegal abortions after he took over his practice, a decision prompted by guilt over the death of a woman his father had refused to help.

“Dad had suggested that he had done some terminations of pregnancy back in the ’50s and ’60s,” Tiller said. “Then when I got the practice… I began asking these women if my dad had done an abortion for them. And I find that he did more than one or two or a few.”

Tiller opened a desk drawer and pulled out a three-ring notebook. “These are the things we do,” he said, pointing to color snapshots of aborted fetuses. “Hydrocephalus, spina bifida, fused legs, open spine, lethal chromosome abnormality. Nature makes mistakes.”

Nature makes mistakes?  First, let me clarify something: God does not make mistakes. The children that he aborted were to be here, otherwise God would have not allowed it. Each one of these children were known before the foundation of the world and had a certain purpose that was unique to them.

An Unrealistic hope.  It is an unrealistic hope that Tiller’s family would believe for one minute that this man went to heaven blazing along as if he is the saint that they assumed him to be. This man was a murderer that ran a slaughter house in Wichita. But the ‘church’ has assumptions of grandeur when it comes to salvation, if even the church thinks about it at all.

Case in point: “He gave his life in the service of others,” Reverend Katherine Ragsdale said. “He did work that was demanding and dangerous and not nearly as lucrative as other fields he could have pursued, and he did this under constant unremitting harassment and terrorism for decades.”  In remarks during the vigil at the cathedral, Dean Ragsdale called Dr. Tiller “a saint” whose work was consistent with the teachings of The Episcopal Church.

How many more souls were lost due to despicable teachings of the Episcopal Church for NOT teaching salvation?

“It has always been a fallacy” and a “malicious manipulation” that progressive supporters of abortion are seen as murderers, devoid of ethics, said the Rev. Katherine Ragsdale. “These doctors are not acting outside of their churches, much less outside of their faith commitments,” Ragsdale said. “People should notice it’s about differences of conscience, not lack of conscience.”

The Church is clearly embarrassed to express the NEED of Salvation:

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God, unto salvation; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16.

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