In the next months, there’ll be a surge of new Kansans and other Americans. Thankfully because their mother’s ‘doctor’ will not be there to snuff out their tiny, little lives.

In the Midwest, the percentage of counties without an abortion provider was 94. In Kansas, 96 percent of counties had no abortion provider, before Tiller’s clinic closure added Sedgwick County to the list. Pardon me for smiling OUT LOUD.

  • Figures show that 10,642 abortions were performed in Kansas last year.
  • Women who live in Kansas accounted for 5,511 of those, slightly more than half the abortions performed.
  • Some 5,131 women from out of state received abortions in Kansas in 2008.
  • Nearly nine out of ten of the out-of-state patients, 4,555 women, were from Missouri.
  • That eclipsed Oklahoma, No. 2 on the list, which had 204 women crossing the state line for abortions.

The numbers for the states that border each other are what they are because Kansas abortion law is more lax than Missouri and Oklahoma.  Without missing a step, a nationwide hotline operated by the National Abortion Federation has been assisting patients who have had to make new plans since Tiller was killed.

“At the present time, there’s no place between Denver and Kansas City where a woman can obtain abortion care,” says executive director Peter Brownlie of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.  No, what he means is there is nowhere now to go to get late-term death care since the death of Tiller. I’d say that’s a great big PRAISE THE LORD.

The only Tiller I ever want to see again.
The only Tiller I ever want to see again.

And as I’m having my morning bowl of oatmeal, I stumble across a site called Remember Dr. Tiller, which NARAL set up. I shouldn’t eat and look at this obscene mess…however, what struck me as kind of…not funny, is that there are 18,481 ‘signatures’ of people, thus far, that ‘honor’ him. Dr. George Tiller killed nearly 64,000 people in his tenure as a murder-for-hire doctor. I’d say the numbers are a bit lopsided. I also noted that the site is taking donations….it says,

Please consider making a contribution to NARAL Pro-Choice America in honor of Dr. Tiller and other health-care professionals who commit their lives to serving women and their families, and ensure abortion remains safe, legal, and accessible in this country.’

I’m sure it’s to fund already tax-funded abortions.

That, my friends, is called PROFIT.  The fight isn’t over, it’s in transition.

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