The term ‘pro-life’ covers so much more than abortion issues. To be pro-life is to be against starting or ending life on demand; artificially. Life begins at natural conception and is not meant to be in a petri dish. Death is not supposed to be at the hand of a doctor.

For the heck of it, I looked up the word or term ‘prolife’. This is what I found….

  • Supporting the belief that it is immoral for a pregnant woman to have the freedom to choose to have an abortion (= an operation to end a pregnancy) if she does not want to have a baby; from the Cambridge Dictionary of American English. I thought this was rather political instead of informative.
  • Opposed to legalized abortion; right-to-life; from the Random House Dictionary.  Straight and to the point.
  • Against open access to abortion: in favor of bringing the human fetus to full term, especially, involved in campaigning against open access to abortion and against experimentation on embryos; MSN Encarta.  Again, political in nature.antiabortion_sign

I just don’t get how there’s an argument that killing a person at any stage of life is okay – but somehow abortion is legal; death on demand without apologies. Just to show how lop-sided this issue is, I found this bit of information in an article today in a Kansas newspaper regarding the Tiller shooting and its repercussions…

“Although abortion opponents have widely condemned the shooting, some of them have been accused of encouraging the attack on Tiller by vocal, often bitter, opposition to doctors performing abortions.” – Wichita Eagle.

Death for death is not the intention of true prolifers. We want to be heard just as much as the liberal baby killers are; we want to be heard as loudly as the Gay Agenda and the Environmentalists. Fair’s fair. But we ‘lifers’ are still considered a threat since we do not agree OUT LOUD with current policies of this administration. ‘Single issue extremists’ is my new favorite lifer term; it’s used as a tool to extract us from the general population of those that did not vote for Obama or his circus of policies.

I like being single minded, it keeps me focused.

Gitmo detainees get less flack and more rights than lifers do and they outwardly killed 3000 Americans on American soil. Tiller was responsible for nearly 64,000 deaths and he’s declared a martyred saint. Figure that one out. Lifers are persecuted, abortionists are hailed.

How can one be a bystander to a slaughter and say nothing? How did these people drive past that killing field everyday in Wichita and feel nothing? Jesus died for us and He did not expect us to die for Him. But He does expect us to continue His Message; the Great Commission…. “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15 – KJV.

Jesus walked this earth as a man for 33 years to show us how to live for God and not once did he kill a child. Not once. Life is not a choice, it’s a gift. Spread the message, the Complete Message of Life.

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