When does someone accept the responsibility of their actions? Dr. Tiller, and other abortionists, did their level best to justify their means of income as an environmental need – since one can procreate; can’t one decide not to whenever they want? The fact of the matter is that men and women like Tiller capitalized on abortion, it was never a political issue with them. It paid the bills, and very well they did.

The Truth of Abortion
The Truth of Abortion

According to a fellow blogger, Aaron Hohenbrink of the Indy star, “It is ridiculous that so many people think that because a commentator debates the morality of abortion, while never condoning or encouraging violence as a form of protest, he or she is somehow responsible for any violence that occurs to those who abort. That kind of warped logic would make an accomplice out of a passionate person who tells a friend to get a divorce from a cheating husband, but rather, the jilted spouse opts to murder him instead.” Aaron, I couldn’t have said it better myself! If that is the case, then the South and everyone in it killed Lincoln, not John Wilkes Booth.

As a prolife activist, I didn’t kill Dr. Tiller; his actions got him killed. The man was a murderer.

“It is highly insulting, especially considering it is their type of rhetoric that contributed to Dr. Tiller’s death,” Marla Patrick of NOW said.  A memorial service will be held at Tiller’s former clinic followed by a prayer walk across Wichita and vigils at a local church.

This ‘rhetoric’ that Marla speaks of is the life of a child. In 1973, it was decided that a woman can be more like a man by having complete control of their body, including killing their own unborn children. There’s your RHETORIC….control and selfishness. Leave God out, send in the clowns.

What happened to Tiller is a reaction to an action that he personally took. He knew the odds. He put his family in danger, he put his coworkers in danger, he put his church in danger; he put EVERYONE around him in danger of this happening. How much longer did he think he could thumb his nose at God and get away with it?

Honestly, I’m not really for this prayer vigil and maybe I’m wrong, but fact is that Dr. Tiller is dead and in Hell for not accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour and repenting for his wrongs before he died. The fact is that the clinic was a place where Tiller slaughtered unborn children. The fact is that there are nearly 64,000 souls he personally snuffed out, and according to the World of God, they are in the arms of Jesus. What I’m saying is this: Praying for Tiller now is not going to do a thing for Tiller, it’s not going to do a thing for all of those precious babies…but praying for the love of Jesus to come upon the hands of the abortionists and the mothers that want to end a pregnancy, is.

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