Abortion opponents had planned to hold their service outside the Tiller abortion clinic, but changed the site after learning the Kansas chapter of the National Organization for Women was going to hold a counter-protest at the clinic.

“They decided to move, and I respect that,” said Marla Patrick, state coordinator for the Kansas NOW. “They never should have considered coming here in the first place.  We’re here to prevent them from dancing on the proverbial grave of a murdered man. We don’t want them to go unchallenged.”

What would Jesus do?
What would Jesus do?

Interesting how Tiller and NOW and all other abortion rights terrorists danced on the graves of all the children lost to abortion at his now closed clinic.

See how hate is? It points a finger at everyone else to get the attention off of those that are guilty of what they do. Marla and her friends at NOW are nothing but a bunch of baby killing man-haters that enjoy bullying those that stand up for Biblical truth of marriage and family.

These abortion rights terrorists gathered outside Tiller’s clinic in the rain, where no one else showed up for their little school yard fist fight. Too bad, Marla…you may think you made your point, but all you did was get WET. Prayer works.

Today, on this Father’s Day, think about the men out there that would have been dads today if there were no abortion, no clinics. Many men would have liked the chance to have fathered the child that their significant other murdered, because of the ‘choice’ they are allowed to make under the law.

Hate? Hate the Roe v. Wade decision. Hate that children die at the rate of nearly 3700 per day in the United States at the hands of the mother and abortionist. Hate that lives are lost due to selfishness. Hate that there are people like Marla out there that believe that they have a right to kill without remorse or apology.

But prayer works, not hate. I can hate what these terrorists do or I can pray.

Pray to convict the hearts of the mothers and the abortionists. Pray to end abortion.

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