As I’m sitting in my jammies drinking my fourth cup of coffee waiting for the washer to wash, I thought I’d peruse online newspapers, which is my usual custom. I came across a blog sequence in the Detroit News regarding abortion and its consequences. The opinions of others interest me because it reflects what I see nationally and locally as an activist. I did not correct spelling or syntax, even though it killed me not to. Meet Styler, a pro-lifer; Elroy, a pro-abortionist; and Sharon, a liberal know-it-all. Read on:

Styler says, “I do not condemn, nor am I supportive of, condemning a woman who has had an abortion. I’ve made my position very clear to you, so I must assume you feel it necessary to attempt to villainize me to try to make some sort of point. I do support, and will do my part as a human being concerned about the tragic killing of over 1 Million other human beings per year in this country alone, laws that stop this sick, inhumane practice.”

The Forbidden Fruit
The Forbidden Fruit

Sharon says, “After all the years I worked with attorneys in juvenile court and/or domestic courts, I can tell you that sometimes I had to wonder if it wasn’t better if that child who was beaten over and over, or raped at the age of three and then beaten to death wasn’t better off not being born.”

Elroy says, “”Abortion is not ‘ending the life of another human being.’ It’s preventing the life of another human being from ever happening”…..”(Are there consequences for abortion?) Just as there are consequences when any surgical procedure is done, yes.”

What is my point(s) in this particular thread? The point is that these people are not educated properly just as most people are not. They do not have the FACTS about the abomination called abortion.

Sharon talked about how horrible life is for some people, so why should they have been born? God gives us all of the opportunity to live for Him and to teach others about him every moment of every day. We have the tools and ability to do this in the most horrific of circumstances. Elroy needs to see photos of an aborted child to see exactly what this ‘surgical procedure’ actually is. Styler is a man that is hurting from a woman making a ‘choice’ just because she can. It might be the law, but definitely not of God.

Another point is that the consequences of sin are great.  Since the Fall in the Garden of Eden, we have had to live in the consequences of Sin; “…cursed is the ground for your sake; in sorrow shall you eat of it all the days of your life…”.  Sin breeds transgression and offense which brings about consequences of such. Abortion is a sin, just as murder is.

Those women that have had abortions will know consequence of their sin; depression, addiction, guilt – and that’s just for starters. Can these pass? Again, God gave us every tool to overcome and deal with the consequences of sin. Knowing Him is the first step to ‘recovery’ and forgiveness.

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