During this witch-hunt for prolife activists since the Tiller death, I’ve been taking a look at what others are saying, just as I did in my last article. I was reading a newspaper from Kansas and came across a letter to the Editor – a man says, regarding the recent death threats toward Operation Rescue, “For decades they breathed and preached total hatred of George Tiller. Now that one of their ilk has murdered Tiller, they appear flummoxed that anyone would take exception to their record of terrorism. Apparently Operation Rescue can dish it out but cannot take it. I wonder what these people make of the Gospel admonition found in Matthew 7:1-2 about not judging.”

Judge not that ye be not judged…Sir, I believe you are JUDGING. Peaceful demonstrating is not ‘preaching total hatred’ toward Tiller and his clinic. Hatred is what the kooks at Army of God and Westbrook do.  And by the way…an ‘eye for an eye’ went out when the New Covenant came, SIR. You need to READ your Bible and not use it to prop up your wobbly table. But ya gotta love people!terminator-tiller

This particular letter writer mentioned that Operation Rescue is…a terrorist? Trying to save the lives of children before they’re slaughtered is a terrorist act? Wow. That is so sick that even I am speechless. The tyranny that Dr. Tiller exhibited was proof enough of who the actual terrorist was.

Here’s the 411: Dr. Tiller took it upon himself to murder children for a living. He also took upon himself the ideology that goes along with it. He knew the risks. As a matter of fact, just to show what a nut case he was, when he did allow a child to live to term and the parents did not want to child, Tiller would broker the child out to adopt. His one requirement to adopt from him was: You must be pro-abortion, or no dice. And, I have to wonder just how much money he got for each service.

Who’s sorry now?You know, everyone is…the abortion industry is sorry for Tiller not being able to do their dirty work anymore. Operation Rescue and the rest of us prolife activists are sorry for the black eye that Tiller’s killer gave us. And I’m sorry for the children that died at the hand of Tiller.  

The hatred here is Tiller’s hatred for life. As I have mentioned many times before, God gives us every opportunity to change, to live for Him every minute of every day. God gave Dr. George Tiller, an abortionist, EVERY opportunity to save himself from the torment of Hell. God gave Tiller a chance to change every day of his life on this earth. Eternity is a long time. Dr. George Tiller chose his eternity and he chose the eternity for tens of thousands of babies he tortured and killed. Yes, Eternity is a very, very long time.

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