Reverend Nina Churchman of the Episcopal Dynasty, states, “The Episcopal Church, by resolution, has long held that women have the freedom to choose an abortion. It is not considered a sin….God, unlike what the liturgy states, also rejoices that women facing unplanned pregnancies have the freedom to carefully choose the best option – birth, adoption or abortion – for themselves and their families.” No…my God says NO.Episcopal_shield

Since the ordaining of women in the Episcopal Church, these ‘women’ have been emasculating men to the point of rather having a lesbian or a gay man to be ‘priest’. These women have no need of a man, thus no need of his seed. This is NOT the way God set things up but this so-called church has no problem not only emasculating men, but God as well. It’s taught in their ‘divinity schools’. These women march for abortion rights as well as being a part of the total emasculation of men, the National Organization of Women. Men can’t be men anymore, men do not have rights anymore, it’s an unnatural scheme that is not of God, AT ALL. Again, read your Bible; not the Episcopal by-laws and doctrine.

The Episcopal Church considers itself between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. When I was a Catholic and saw a remark like this I would have said that the reason why you’d rather be Episcopalian is because you didn’t have the guts to make it as a Catholic. Now that I have finally given up the cult of Catholicism, I see a greater light…they’re both incorrect and weak in doctrine (really none at all) and seek the sensitive parishioner.  Let me explain:

In an excerpt regarding church policy, “Its (Episcopal Church) resolutions on state issues the Episcopal Church has opposed the death penalty, and supported the civil rights movement and affirmative action. Some of its leaders and priests marched with civil rights demonstrators. The (Episcopal) church calls for the full civil equality of gay men and lesbians. Most dioceses ordain openly gay men and women; in some, same-sex unions are celebrated with services of blessing….On the question of abortion, the church has adopted a nuanced position.” Now, doesn’t that sound non-confrontational? Isn’t that blissfully ignorant?

So….death penalty, wrong; slaughtering children while still in the womb, okay. Ordaining lesbians with a penchant for abortion, okay. Hmm. The 1976 General Convention discouraged the use of ‘conversion therapy’ to “change” homosexuals into heterosexuals. As incredibly stupid as that sounds, at least at one point in time it was noted in the Episcopal Church that homosexuality was not of God. Also, a ‘Book of Common Prayer’ is used as a source of theology for Episcopalians rather than the Bible.

I’m getting off track….back to the abortion issue.

Regarding resolution 1994-A054Reaffirm General Convention Statement on Childbirth and Abortion’, “We (Episcopal Church) believe that legislation concerning abortions will not address the root of the problem. We therefore express our deep conviction that any proposed legislation on the part of national or state governments regarding abortions must take special care to see that the individual conscience is respected, and that the responsibility of individuals to reach informed decisions in this matter is acknowledged and honored as the position of this Church; and be it further Resolved, That this 71st General Convention of the Episcopal Church express its unequivocal opposition to any legislative, executive or judicial action on the part of local, state or national governments that abridges the right of a woman to reach an informed decision about the termination of pregnancy or that would limit the access of a woman to safe means of acting on her decision.”

You know, it used to be that one could seek asylum in a church. Now it’s nearly dangerous to step inside of some of them…a church, any church that believes in ANY form of abortion should not be a church anymore. Instead, be a community social club, or better yet, be a convenience store. At least you’ll be doing something constructive.

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