It’s Sunday, I’m at work and I’m looking at some news sites I typically scan every day. Of course I come across some articles and opinion pieces that are disturbing and interesting at the same time. Whenever I see pieces that have to do with a homosexual lifestyle, I stop and read. The reason I find it disturbing that the gay agenda is not just jamming their garbage down our throats, but putting a bit of sugar on it. I guess sugar makes the garbage taste a bit better. For example, regarding the 39th annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade and Celebration:no_gay_marriage

“Funnel cakes, classic cars, snow cones, square dancing, even straight people. Is it San Francisco’s gay pride festival, or a county fair in Nebraska?”

“Just because you’re out of the closet, doesn’t mean you have to be a Twinkie disco bunny who sits in a bar all day.”

“It’s definitely toned down…It’s become much less radicalized. We’re not such a stereotype any more. We’re just one more facet of life in San Francisco.”

“People here today seem so full of love and friendship.”

What all of these people are saying is exactly what’s happened in the United States…being gay has become conventional. Where was the fork in the road?

Then I came across an article about ‘gayby boomers’. That’s right…gayby boomers, exactly like it sounds. Now you know the word for a child made in a petri dish for a lesbian couple or an adopted child to a gay couple…forcing a family for a people that cannot procreate.

How selfish does someone have to be; you make children just because you want to? Manipulating God? The Lord showed his displeasure at Sodom and Gomorrah. And He’ll not apologize for that, I assure you.

Well, now it’s Monday morning and coffee is tasting particularly good today. Look at this bit I found in a major newspaper:

“I recently attended an interfaith Gay Pride Celebration in held in a Roman Catholic Church. One of the speakers was a former Catholic nun who left her order many years ago and is currently an Interfaith minister. She spoke of her work as a person of the cloth, her life as a lesbian, her 25 years with her beloved.”

I may not be a Catholic anymore, but are you kidding me? It used to be that the Catholic Church as a whole abhorred anything immoral. Glad I’m outta there. NOT in my church. I’ll shut it down first. By-laws, people….by-laws.

Where was the fork in the road?In this country, we see it when a democrat becomes president. Little by little this has become a pseudo-normal, so much so that the Hate Crimes Bill is about to shake this country’s core. If this law is passed, anyone with a spoken opinion against homosexuality can be prosecuted, and can be sued in civil court. The LGB&T Pride Parade I wrote about is a perfect example of what will be pseudo-normal at work, next door, at school and at church…OR ELSE.

I get the ‘free speech’ thing. But I get free speech, too. I live in the United States founded on Christian principles, not ObamaLand. I refuse to live in Obama’s fantasy land.

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