How much longer will it be before the Catholic Church turns completely away from the sanctity of life? Looks like in the not so distant future…

Caritas Christi Health Care, New England’s largest community-based hospital network, is a comprehensive health care network providing community-based medicine in eastern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island.home_masthead03

The financially troubled Caritas, which was founded by the Archdiocese of Boston, said it will no longer be a co-owner of the insurance venture with Centene. It will not provide any services that violate Catholic teachings, such as abortions or sterilizations. The archdiocese is hoping that there will no longer be any question that Caritas will not financially profit from abortions, sterilizations, or other services provided by non-Catholic hospitals.

The archdiocese said they sought the withdrawal after weeks of consultation with the National Catholic Bioethics Center following harsh criticism by antiabortion groups for not blocking the Caritas venture. Cardinal Sean O’Malley of the Archdiocese of Boston is a long-time and staunch opponent of abortion, but also has an interest in serving the poor and protecting the viability of Catholic hospitals. Viability means making money. Abortions make money.

This ‘venture’ was set up at least 4 months ago and was set to go live on July 1. What happened? The people spoke….people against ending human life at the hands of the abortionist. The fact that this venture was a consideration is notable – the Catholic Church is starting to lose its way. A CeltiCare document (a sub of Centene), dated May 21, lists “Family Planning and Reproductive Services Providers” and provides information about four Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Here’s the blah blah blah… Andrea Miller, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, said that she had been concerned about Caritas’s involvement in the joint venture because of the Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion, but that she remains concerned about whether Caritas’s role as a provider will make it more difficult for poor people to get services opposed by the church but supported by NARAL.  Absolutely every poor person needs to know where to have their unborn child slaughtered.

“The questions remains: Will the involvement of Caritas Christi health providers negatively affect women’s ability to get timely access to reproductive services, including birth control?’’ Miller said.

If you are a girl, at least 13 years old, you know where to get birth control pills; you know where ‘those girls’ get abortions. This was never a secret regardless of what prolife activists or the church does. It is the fault of people like Andrea Miller; it may be Andrea’s job to make my daughters and granddaughters sexually knowledgeable, but it’s my job as an activist, mother and grandmother to see to it that all the Andreas lose their jobs due to their own sin after trying to sully my girls.

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