The clowns are running the circus! ‘Sen.-elect Al Franken’s first day on Capitol Hill was Not A Circus, and the soon-to-be junior senator from Minnesota was Not Funny At All,’ says POLITICO.  Noooooo…take it from me…I watched SNL faithfully back in the day and he was never funny. And this fiasco? Well, if Obama can become president and Franken can be elected senator, what’s keeping Brittany Spears from being Governor?GC-Fast-and-Pray

And then there’s Jacko…how is it this ‘man’ that was black had white children? Because that’s what he WANTED. He had children made to suit HIM. How ashamed do you have to be? First, all of the surgeries on his face, pretending to be married to Lisa Presley (prominent white woman), and then has these kids that are blond and white skinned? Has everyone forgotten that he assaulted little children and paid off their families? Incredibly, this person is still lauded even in death by his peers, so much so that there are tickets to his funeral. Sick, just plain sick. Bill O’Reilly said it best last night, “Black Americans are much more engaged in watching this stuff than white Americans, even though Michael Jackson has white children — and he chose to have white children — and the face deal, don’t even want to get into… So what’s that racial thing all about?”

I swear, I will come out swinging…How much longer does Sarah Palin, and the rest of us, have to listen to bored Liberals? I’m getting very weary on how everyone likes to bash a woman that is true blue and professes Christ. What has she done wrong? Well for starters, she’s been happily married for many years to the same man. She has children, including a special needs child that most women would have aborted. She has a career that most men can never have. She is a born-again believer and doesn’t mind telling you so. She is a Republican that believes in the Constitution. So what has she done to deserve this? Nothing. Persecution is something Christians and Republicans have to deal with and overcome. YOU WON!!! She resigned! And you’re still complaining??? Are you Liberals ever happy?

Your sin will always find you out…’Steve McNair’s longtime agent said he didn’t know about the former quarterback’s relationship with Saleh Kazemi until news broke of the deaths,’ says the AP. Neither did his WIFE AND CHILDREN. But, what a great football player he was! And he supported tons of charities! And he’s a lying skirt-chaser that was co-renting a condo for his trysts right under his wife’s nose! WHAT A GUY!

This is a day that many will die to suit the desires of their would-have-been parents. Don’t let life get bad enough to take a life that depends on YOU.

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