In a recent article from Salon:  “I vividly remember our abortion training in medical school – kind of like some people remember experiencing a bad car accident, or a train derailing,” says Carolyn, a 28-year-old New England OB-GYN who provides abortions (and asked me not to include her last name or specifics of where she lives and practices). It was 2005, and Carolyn was working nights at an abortion clinic in Oakland, Calif. After ending a shift at 2 a.m., she dragged herself out of bed for a 9 a.m. lecture “because this was going to be the one hour of education we received on elective abortions in two years of didactics.”

Women that go to abortion clinics seldom remember or even know the doctor or practitioner’s name much less if they are qualified or have ever been in a medical school. You just hold your head down and hope no one really notices you so you can hurry up and get out of there. The shame of knowing you are about to kill your child pretty much devours your entire capability to think. In fact, I would challenge anyone that has had this procedure to remember the name of the doctor (practitioner) and the name of the clinic.

Carolyn, the ‘abortionist in training’ already knows what to expect…she can’t give her entire name or city she dwells in? If knowing you are going to do something that the community at large detests, why do it? MONEY.

And climbing!
And climbing!

Carolyn wants your money, not your kudos for doing what other doctors won’t in a society that breeds selfishness. Abortion is the second most popular outpatient procedure in the United States and considering it cost anywhere from $300 to over $6000 per abortion – it’s quite lucrative.

Unfortunately, abortion still happens. But there have been clinics shutting down recently because people do not want this murder going on in their neighbourhoods. Planned Parenthood recently shuttered 6 clinics in El Paso because of ‘financial difficulties’.

I guess Carolyn ought to find something else to do.

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