Who isn’t covered in the Hate Crimes Bill? Straight Christian Caucasians. Who is covered? EVERYONE ELSE.

Preaching the Truth of the Bible will be considered HATE.

If you get into a car accident and the other driver is a lesbian – Hate Crime.

When a husband beats his wife, is it Hate? What if he’s white and she’s hispanic? Then is it Hate?

When a child is assaulted by a pedophile, is it Hate? Under the new Hate Crime Bill, the pedophile will be protected, not the child.

It is the belief of the Attorney General that Caucasians target all other ethnic groups all the time for no particular reason.

See what your Attorney General, Eric Holder, a black man, has to say. His agenda is to protect his own, not the entire community. He says ‘they’ are being targeted. Who’s they? Looks like he’s targeting the white christian community.

Crime = Hate, Hate = Crime. Or, it used to.

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