Friends at the Columbus (Ohio) Right to Life says not necessarily. Read what Mark Lally, Legislative counsel Ohio Right to Life Columbus, has to say: ohiorighttolife

‘One need not subscribe to particular religious tenets in order to reach the conclusion that the law should protect the innocent from violence. The mere fact that many religious people reach that same conclusion shouldn’t prevent us from adopting such legal protections.’

This is in reply to an editorial from Andrew Oldenquist who suggested that protecting unborn children from abortion throughout pregnancy represents a religious position that should not be enforced by law.

Is protecting the lives of the unborn a religious issue? No. Should it be?

I, as well as countless others, will tell you that if you know Jesus you would never want another life lost to anything ever much less abortion. Jesus changes your life and your mindset.

However, this is also a moral issue. Anyone that has had an abortion has either done it under duress from the so-called father, family or the child is just inconvenient and unwanted. But is that reason to kill? The law says yes.

I man I know recently died from a very long bout with cancer. He was told it was terminal months ago. Now, was there reason to cut his life off any shorter just because it wasn’t viable anymore? The law says maybe.

Why does one life have more protection than the other? Only the law dictates that, not moral standards or Christian tenets.

You can hide under the law, behind the law, from the law or be above the law. But God sees you, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord…” (2 Cor 6:17, KJV). Man’s law is what it is. But killing a human at any stage of life for any reason is not what we are supposed to do as Christians or human beings. Be separate from what is now called a ‘procedure’…it is a life.

Many thanks to our friends at Ohio Right to Life, Columbus Right to Life and Dayton Right to Life.

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