You know, sometimes I have to close my eyes and just shake my head because that’s all I can do when it comes to what the new administration is up to. duckgoose

Case in point: The Sotomayor confirmation hearing. What a joke. But so was the last presidential election. Let’s look at the highlights!

  • Roe v. Wade is ‘settled law’, which is correct. But she is still not answering the question on abortion. Aren’t judges supposed to have ‘opinions’? Duck.
  • No one cares if she saved baseball.
  • She is no friend to the firefighters.
  • She is clearly racially biased against Caucasians males.
  • ‘Makes no prejudgments’ about future firearms-related cases. There’s that duck again.
  • Has belonged to biased clubs.
  • An idiot nominated her. There’s your goose.

It’s pointless to assume that she isn’t going away, just like the Kathleen Sebelius debacle and ‘Senator’ Franken. Pointless.

I have come to the realization that Sotomayor will be sworn into the Supreme Court…its one step closer to the Freedom of Choice Act coming to fruition.

After all, this is the ObamaNation.

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