I know as an activist that abortion will probably be a fact of life today and in the future, considering the current administration and the so-called health reform on the table.

So, what are we supposed to do?

We have to work on the hearts of the moms out there that are pregnant and considering abortion. This is why street ministry and the internet works.

When I was driving to work one day I saw someone that seemed to be pacing back and forth in front of a small office building here in Baton Rouge. The next day he was there again, pacing back and forth in front of the same building. Finally I saw him again a couple of days later but this time I saw what he was holding up while he was pacing…it was a crucifix of Christ on the Cross. Suddenly I knew exactly what he was doing; he was there to talk to women and girls before they went in that building to get an abortion. What was really sad is that he was there all by himself.Jeremiah2911

The reality of what these women are contemplating hasn’t become real until someone tells them so. I know that sounds very elementary, but honestly it’s true. The only reality these women know at the time is keeping their boyfriend, staying in school, fitting into their clothes, keeping their parents from finding out, on and on and on. They truly have no idea a living human being is inside of their body.

Street ministry, peaceful protests and informational websites does a lot to bring the reality that a child is about to lose its life if the mom decides to abort.

We need to see the reality of abortion; the slain children of this grotesque act need to be heard so the next child will have a chance at the life it was ordained to have.

So the next time you wanna just hang it up and throw in the towel because you think the deck is stacked against the scourge of abortion, remember that every unborn human being is counting on activists like you and me to tell their mom to not murder them…because no one else will.

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