Slowly but surely what the government did to the car business is exactly what they are trying to achieve in the healthcare business.

Let me explain.  I was in the car business on both sides of the fence; process to build and selling the actual unit. I was in the process end of it in 1990. I saw a lot of waste and distaste. Back then, I made under $10 per hour and was signed out to the customer (Chrysler) for $35 per hour. I saw multitudes of Vice Presidents that drove nice cars and played a lot of golf. Back then I wondered how much longer it was going to take for the car business to out-source and out-do itself until there was nothing left. That finally happened this year. Three CEO’s had to answer for it. Was that right? No. It was still a business owned by people, not the government. What the three Amigos did was stupid and it put their jobs and corporations right on the chopping block. Can the car business be a business again instead of a country club? It could have been under better circumstances than what Obama did – tried to socialize it so that they would have to answer to the President of the United States instead of stock holders.

Take two and call me in the morning...
Take two and call me in the morning...


What does that have to do with healthcare?The Obama administration is doing the exact same thing to the hospital and healthcare system; break it down until every doctor and nurse that is still paying through the nose for student loans is on the street.

From The Columbus Dispatch:  ‘The free and subsidized care local hospitals provide increased 15 percent last year, and the recession has officials predicting a double-digit spike this year. Hospital executives say they can’t absorb these losses, and that the costs would be passed on to businesses through higher health-insurance premiums.’ Read the article here.

The reason why it’s getting particularly bad is because of the soaring unemployment rate and these now unemployed people without health insurance still need care. Many of them had pre-existing conditions that need attention and medicine on a daily basis.

This where the government sees an opportunity to take over the healthcare system and they’ll try to ramrod right through with ‘reproductive health’ while they see a chance to get away with their agenda. If this THING passes, the government will make your health decisions for you including child bearing, or not to bear child.

We are on the cusp of a completely socialized government unless ‘We The People’ get up off our couches and do something about it. If we don’t, we’ll be told what car to drive and how many children we’re allowed to have or not allowed to have. Our daughters will be able to get birth control and abortions on demand without parental consent, which already happens in some states DUE TO THE EXISTING GOVERNMENT. If we’re too sick, we’ll languish; if we’re compliant, we’ll get better jobs and homes. 

In a God-less society our future looks like a bad remake of the Blade Runner. But, IF you are a child of God, this too shall pass…and we will meet Him in the air and leave the next seven years to the government.

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