It’s bad enough there’s a television show that lauds 16 year old girls being pregnant; keeping their child or giving it up for adoption. Now the producers are considering those 16 year old girls that choose to abort; about one third.16pregnant

Here are some absurd quotes from regarding 16 and Pregnant:

‘As someone who has written and edited first-person essays by women for 10 years, I can tell you that pretty much every pro-choice editor wishes like hell that we could get women to go on record, under their own damn bylines, writing about their own abortions.’

This is the kind of left wing garbage that fills the head of teenagers through the airwaves. Are you kidding? Empowering minor girls to abort?

‘What happens if your story gets Googled by your boss? Your mother-in-law? Your pro-life next-door neighbor? Or, even more dramatically, some right-wing dude compiling a hit list? It’s absurd, but also true: This is the kind of thing that gets a few unlucky people harassed, and even shot and killed.’

As I’ve said MANY times before, if something – anything – would be so heinous that you think the public would denounce it in such a graphic way, why would you do it? Why would you want to? It’s like going into a store, robbing it, expecting not to be arrested for it and get cake and flowers.

The executive producer of 16 and Pregnant, Morgan Freeman, is actually considering making a segment on abortion. I’ve also heard that the guy that produces Family Guy is going to do the same thing.

But the problem is bigger than that stupidity…it’s about choosing to do a ‘reality’ television show like this with MINOR GIRLS.

A commenter on this story regarding 16 and Pregnant says: ‘…we don’t often get a chance to see abortion stories with the same level of depth, honesty, and emotion that we saw portrayed with these young parents.’

This is why true activism is key to changing the mind set of girls and women from thinking that abortion has become a social tool to being accepted in certain circles. This is a baby, not a party. Most women that have opinions on such things have never been in the position to have that opinion. As usual, left thinking women thinking for the rest of us…

I know that each woman that has had an abortion has named the child they murdered…I guarantee it.

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