…now you don’t.IMG

I’m having one of those days when I see Christians acting like heathen and wonder how they get along with God being a single step over the ‘saved’ line and everything else over on the world’s side. And then I read these stories about other denominations that claim to be Christian but claim financial prosperity in the name of Jesus, fixing Mother Earth, ordaining gays, and on and on and on. What in the world? Aren’t there any real Christians anymore?

And then the Lord dropped this bit of Scripture in my heart, “For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good; but Me you do not have always,” Mark 14:7; NKJV.

What God was instantly reminding me was that the poor in spirit will be with us (Christians) forever…as the Apostle Paul was trying to tell us in all of his epistles. Paul definitely went into all the world to Preach the Gospel and people were saved…and some fell away to other ministrations, and some added to the Message for either personal gain or sheer stupidity of not understanding the simple message of Salvation.

The only consistent thing a Christian does is looking for loopholes instead of living the Message taught by Christ Himself.

It’s like this…there is NO middle ground in the abortion issue – you cannot kill some of the babies. Okay, then how is it okay to be a middle-ground Christian? You’re either saved or not, living it or not. I have to question the salvation of someone who looks for loopholes to keep a foot in the world.  

Philippians 2:12 says, “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,” NKJV. You work out your salvation by continually reading the Word and be in prayer, not trying and retrying sin.

Further, Paul goes on to say in Philippians 4:13 (one of the most misused scriptures in the Bible), “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” NKJV. If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it a bazillion times by so-called Believers…while they’re sipping a glass of wine, taking a long drag off of a cigarette…always trying to justify SIN by using God’s Word against HIM.

Here’s the bottom line:  God sees you, he always sees you when no one else does.

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