If there was no God, then there isn’t Life.

From the Miami Herald:  “Most people are under the impression that atheists lack morals and ethics. We are trying to dispel that myth,” said Ken Loukinen, founder of the 400-member Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists, which is sponsoring a controversial billboard in Broward County. Below is a photo of the actual billboard that they paid for. Neighbours are not happy. Read the article here.

Take a hard look at this billboard…see it? It doesn’t say ‘require a god’, it says ‘require God’. It doesn’t say ‘don’t believe in a god’, it says ‘in God’! They have shown that God is still Sovereign!They have inadvertently shown God that He is still GOD to the whole world.

I find it interesting that atheists want to be looked upon as ‘good people’ just like they think Christians are. Also what I find even more interesting that they want to not be looked upon as Satan worshipers, either. However, it is their goal to dispel the ‘myth of God’. The article goes on to say…

“On Dec. 25, South Florida will have its first weeklong camp for kids from atheist families at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Fort Lauderdale, complete with a “Socrates Cafe” and even Bible study — for cultural literacy. Organizers, who include Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists, Humanists of Florida Association and the Center for Inquiry, expect about 60 campers.”

So they go on Christmas Day and have Bible study? ATHEISTS???

What I see here is a bunch of people that don’t want to have to justify their lives to God or to the community at-large. Also what is happening is that they want to change your mind about God. Make sure you know who is at your next neighbourhood get-together…and if they’re there, bring tracts.

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