From the Dayton Daily News:  The Rev. Mike Castle is a Pastor in a Washington Twp. (Centerville, Ohio) church….Rev. Castle and Dan Carl, his partner of 13 years, are Centerville where they are raising their 6-year-old son Gideon. His church, Cross Creek Community Church, part of the United Church of Christ, was among the first to get involved with forming Equality Ohio regarding supporting the rights of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual Ohioans. Read the article here.

There were all kinds of comments on this particular article but they were taken off…mostly because, as usual, LGB&T’s were quite unkind…and straights are the haters? But some of the focus was that it is unscriptural for a homosexual to be a part of the five fold ministry. Apparently, Rev. Castle is reading a different Bible. I remember one of the commenter’s saying they stay away from Christianity because of the hypocrisy they see in situations like this, which are becoming more mainstream.

Keep reading…it gets better.

Here’s why I’m bringing up this particular church in Ohio….friends of mine and my husband have an inner city church in Dayton. They deal with the homeless, hungry, poor, drug addicted prostitutes and junkies in their church. They don’t have drop-down screens, worship teams or specialty coffee. What they do have is a funeral home-turned-church that reaches out to those that the other churches don’t want. It is their burden to help break the bondages of sin to the unchurched and churchless.

In the last few years, Dayton, like a lot of other cities, has acquired Hispanic gang activity….right across the street from this little church. The gang leader came into the sanctuary this week, walked up to the associate Pastor and told him if they ‘don’t stop it’ he’d kill him. Just like that…he would kill him if they continue to have Church.

How is it that one church has no outside problems and the other does? Because the Gospel is preached in one church and NOT the other. Preaching a feel-good Gospel to a people that doesn’t accept the Bible word for word is not going to get the attention of the community; but preaching a right Gospel makes the devils in Hell shake with fear.

James 2:19 says, ‘You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!’

Preach on, Brother.

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