I’m sitting at my dining room table eating birthday cake when I remembered seeing an article about China. There is a reported 13 million abortions per year, many performed up to nine months of gestation. And I’m eating birthday cake. THIRTEEN MILLION PEOPLE WILL NEVER SEE A BIRTHDAY, and that’s just in China. Suddenly I feel sick.

From Salon.com:  ‘In a rare disclosure of family planning statistics — which are considered state secrets — the official China Daily newspaper reported Thursday that about 13 million surgical abortions are performed in Chinese hospitals and 10 million abortion pills are sold every year. The pills can induce an abortion very early in pregnancy, and are commonly referred to as the morning-after pill. The report said the real number of abortions is believed to be even higher since many are done outside of hospitals in unregistered rural clinics.’ Read the article here.

If that isn’t bad enough…

When Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in, one of the first things he did was take care of the Mexico City Policy, allowing our money to go overseas to pay for abortions all over the world. What most people don’t realize is that this has been happening well before January of 2009. That being said, I come across an article posted back in 2007 on NPR.org:

Liang Yage and his wife Wei Linrong had one child and believed that — like many other couples — they could pay a fine and keep their second baby. Wei was 7 months pregnant when 10 family planning officials visited her at home on April 16.

Liang describes how they told her that she would have to have an abortion, “You don’t have any more room for maneuver,” he says they told her. “If you don’t go [to the hospital], we’ll carry you.” The couple was then driven to Youjiang district maternity hospital in Baise city.

“I was scared,” Wei told NPR. “The hospital was full of women who’d been brought in forcibly. There wasn’t a single spare bed. The family planning people said forced abortions and forced sterilizations were both being carried out. We saw women being pulled in one by one.”

The couple was given a consent agreement to sign. When Liang refused, family planning officials signed it for him. He and his wife are devout Christians — he is a pastor — and they don’t agree with abortion.

She was given injections that put her in labour…after 16 hours HE was still born, his skin black from the saline solution and was thrown out with the trash.

The new healthcare reform bill being considered now is on the road to just exactly what happened to this woman in China…forced abortions and chosen ‘care’ for those worthy or viable enough for it. If you haven’t had the pleasure, I suggest you read the bill….abortion clinics will be accepted as ‘birthing centers’.

Obama’s approval rating has nosedived to less than 52%…Tick tock, tick tock.

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