I love it when someone does their homework instead of spouting out half-truths and twists words to their advantage…you know, Democrats. Anyway, getting to the subject matter at hand…the Gay Agenda. First, let’s look at what is expected from the government via the Health Reform Bill HR 3200 according to Matt Barber of One News Now:

Page 972 of the House version of the bill (H.R. 3200) provides for ‘standards, as appropriate, for the collection of accurate data on health and health care’ based on ‘sex, sexual orientation [and] gender identity. The Senate draft indicates that the government will ‘detect and monitor trends in health disparities,’ requiring the Department of Health and Human Services to ‘develop standards for the measurement of gender.’ (i.e., officially recognize subjectively self-determined ‘transgender’ or ‘transsexual’ gender identities). It further mandates ‘participation in the institutions’ programs of individuals and groups from…different genders and sexual orientations’.

Can you say LOOP HOLE?

I can be a pretty generous person but I am not paying for anyone to reassign their God-given gender.

That being said…

According to the AP:  One of the largest organizations promoting the possibility of changing sexual orientation is Exodus International, a network of ministries whose core message is ‘Freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ’.

Finally…someone said it out loud. Yes, homosexuality can be overcome because it is a SIN problem not something one was born with. God does not make mistakes and homosexuality is clearly an abomination in the eyes of God. As well, the church needs to deal with the sin of homosexuality in a manner that bases recovery on Biblical principles and Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

The Gay Agenda is oozing its way into our everyday lives force feeding us a Neo-Nazi style of pseudo Marxism via the Government. Ironic, isn’t it?

Oh yeah…I would be the kind of Soup Nazi. Not ‘NO SOUP FOR YOU’….more like NO STUPID DEMOCRAT-LIBERAL-OBAMA CRAP FOR YOU. LOL…no, really.

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