What should Pastors and faith leaders do about the ObamaScare Plan? Well, the same thing they should have done when race instead of the issues was forefront during the last president election…teach.

In order to keep the government out of your church, you have to stay away from supporting candidates. However, the Church should approach matters of life and death even during elections and impending legislation particularly if it goes against Bible doctrine, which abortion, the gay agenda and euthanasia does – or is supposed to.

Many faith leaders believe that we do need reform in health care. We want costs to go down and medicine to be affordable for EVERYONE. This is attainable without major legislation. However, to get what the Democrats want, they have to dress up their sow with a string of pearls. We ain’t buyin’ it. The pig is big and ugly, reeking of abortion, euthanasia and the gay agenda.

Nationally, faith leaders are getting together to push the health reform as a moral imperative. The ‘Forty Days for Health Reform’ campaign includes rallies, prayer vigils, a national call-in with President Barack Obama next week, sermons and congregation discussions on health care.

I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. Again, there are way too many pigs wearing pearls these days – especially in the Church today. With denominations supporting the gay agenda and abortion, I can’t trust them to carry out what I, as a Christian, deem biblically correct according to the Word of God.

Fifty-three percent of Americans are against the current healthcare reform legislation and the numbers are falling, as well as Obama’s approval rating overall. I say LET THE PIGS WALLER IN THE MUD. I find it amusing.

This bill will pay for abortions, end of life, in vitro and gender reassignment if it stays the way it is written. If you’d like to see the HR3200 highlights again, just click here. To see the bill in it’s entirety, click here.

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