Everyone is worried about the ‘what if’s’ regarding the HR3200…as well you should be.

What if you have insurance and it won’t pay your bill?

What if your bill can’t be paid because you were uninsured and you don’t have a job?

What if you’re in a situation that was beyond your control, like an accident or natural catastrophe?

Thinking that the government will take care of you regarding the HR3200 bill is asinine…especially if you’re a legal citizen. The burden of actual repayment is NOT on the illegal immigrants.

Health insurance coverage should be the burden of the individual as well as the employer, if you are employed, that is. Some people opt to buy their own instead of what their employers’ furnish. The problem here is that insurance companies are raping the system with huge deductibles and outrageous premiums on those who are working and being paid at or near the poverty level.

Many people are not working because of the tough economy. Many people WON’T work because the system is imperfect, to say the least, and thus is taken advantage of – such as the welfare system & illegal immigrants.

The actual burden is on the taxpayer, not the employer or the welfare mom or the pregnant illegal. The way we play this game now and in the future is making a working, legal citizen pay for the part of society that won’t.

Hence, the HR3200.

Here is a scenario of the what-ifs:  The uninsured patient(s) would be required to pay off the unpaid balance by income tax payments year after year until it is paid off. In other words, you’ll never see another refund. The government can force you into bankruptcy. Any asset(s) you have can be seized.

The government may have outside companies to take payment, in the form of a credit card – with interest, until the bill is paid in full….kind of like the so-called debt consolidator schemes.

But what happens if another Hurricane Katrina happens? Or another 911? NO ONE can foresee a catastrophe…not even big bad Obama. This HR3200 SCHEME is pathetic at best.

Bit of advice? Live frugal…if you don’t have much, the government can’t take it.

Read the entire bill here and the synopsis here.

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