I’ll never understand why I am still shocked at the behaviour of human beings. I read an article yesterday that made me so mad that it took a good 24 hours to get my thoughts together.

Let me ask you this: Who is more wrong? The abortionist? The mother? Or those that support the abortionist and the mother?

Good question. I’ll get back to that later.

So I read this article on about late-term abortionists, a particular infant killer named Dr. Warren Hern of Colorado. I suppose his life is still distressed after the Dr. Tiller shooting, as well it should be.

I realize that Roe v. Wade is ‘settled law’ since 1973 (according to our new Supreme Court judge)…I hate it, I really do. However, men like Hern and Tiller and Carhart took it a step further taking advantage of women ‘in crisis’. They soothe them, they placate them…then they take their near full term infant and kill it for thousands of dollars.

As they say on television, I report…you decide.

From Salon:  Since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in May, many people, including me(Kate Harding), have written a great deal about the risks late-term abortion providers face every day, about the lengths they must go to to stay alive — let alone stay in practice — about the tragic reasons why women seek their services, the vicious and often illegal behavior of “pro-life” protesters, and the loneliness of the work.

But let’s get back to Hern. In an article from Esquire about Hern, a receptionist is quoted as saying, ‘I also want you to know, we don’t care what your reasons are. We’re not going to judge you.’  Ah….so the grandiose Dr. Warren Hern who does this GREAT work for human kind, you know –  killing imperfect infants…while wiping out a couple of entire generations – is really doing this for the MONEY.  Hern was quoted, ‘They’re not moms until they have a baby.’ To Hern, they are patients with wallets.

And we’re the terrorists. Who’s wronger? I reported…you decide.

O,BTW – the answer is the ones that support the abortionists and the ‘mother’s; they’re called lawmakers and Supreme Court judges.

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