Personally, I like Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. I recently heard her on the Matt Friedeman show on AFR Radio regarding many things but mostly the new ObamaScare Plan HR3200 on the table. She has no problem protecting human life in all shapes, sizes, ages and gestation. Nancy Pelosi is quite open about seeing to Rep. Bachmann’s political demise. Sean Hannity calls her the ‘second most hated Republican woman’; Keith Olbermann has named her to his ‘World’s Worst’ list. I really like this woman. She’s nearly as conservative as I am…

“I’m not afraid to be a social or fiscal conservative, and that doesn’t fit their template,” she told WND. “Democrats see women as yet one more dependency group, but I defy that. I don’t need government programs to succeed. I worked my way through college, my husband and I started our own business, and we didn’t need the government to be the answer. –World Net Daily-

Okay, that being said, there is always someone that has an opinion of something they know nothing about….women (girls, really) that have had limited life experience but have a computer. Disturbing, eh? The reason why the ‘Kate Hardings’ of the world detest her is because Rep. Bachmann not only tells it like it REALLY is but points at those that do not. Women like Ms. Harding are foul-mouthed and anti-life but definitely pro-MEMEMEMEME. Women like her have not had to make real, big girl decisions or live like a grown up. But don’t take my word for it! Read for yourself

Of course, it’s not like we should expect logical consistency from the likes of Michelle Bachmann by now — but then, that’s kind of the point. We already know that people who rail against big government but support anti-abortion legislation (to say nothing of privacy violations and fiscal recklessness out the wazoo, as long as it all comes from a Republican administration) are not using earth logic.–Kate Harding of Broadsheet-

What Rep. Bachmann said about her body is true…it is hers and the government has no right to control healthcare decisions for her or ANYONE. Here’s your great big BUT…Kate, and all those like you (life haters) – when a woman’s body contains another person that has a separate central nervous system, heart and brain, then that woman cannot make a detrimental decision for that other human being regardless if it is in her body or standing right next to her.

But here’s your CHOICE: if the woman did not have sex or unprotected sex, this would not be an issue, now would it? So because of that woman’s LAZINESS regarding her CHOICES she is now with child and needs to accept the fact that she will become a mother instead of a murderer.

I still marvel at why women like Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are hated by other women…it’s like this: blacks supported Obama regardless of his own stupidity and bad policies but women won’t support Republican women in politics…wonder why? Easy. It’s not near as cool to support a white Republican woman as it is to support a black Democrat for president.

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