I don’t watch much television; in fact I finally succumbed to getting cable installed recently. I’m usually doing research on my computer or I’m just plain working and being a wife. Television is usually just background noise for me.

I write about many things regarding the sanctity of human life as God sees it. But when I see these stories I write become a ‘reality’ on television, it grieves me. For all I know it’s been airing for months, but I finally saw it last night…a commercial for the Plan B, over the counter to anyone 18 and older and without a prescription, ‘birth control’ after the fact.

Plan B does tout itself as NOT being an abortion pill – which is a lie. A contraceptive is supposed to keep an egg and sperm from meeting. They are typically an estrogen-progestin combination or progestin alone (Plan B). This is why I have a real hard time with birth control pills because it is doing the exact same thing as the Plan B; it thins the wall of the uterus enough to keep a fertilized egg – a brand new human life – from attaching to the wall of the womb to get nourishment to grow. When it cannot attach, it dies. That is NOT contraception; that is abortion.

Getting back to the ad, seeing nervous young women looking left and right going into a drug store was a grievous thing to witness. And now Plan B is available to teenagers.

Remember having friends that were old enough to buy their younger friends cigarettes and booze? Do you really think they won’t buy Plan B for them, too?

Over 49,000,000 abortions have been performed since 1973, imagine the millions more that will lose their lives to Plan B. And to date, Plan B will be covered under ‘reproductive health’ in the HR3200.

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