Point: Remember when the President of the United States was held in the highest regard, not just because he was President, but because he was a forefront MAN that commanded respect because he gave it. He did the right thing for his country and its citizens, not himself. My dad used to say that the President was like God and he was a man to be looked up to.

In this mire of a presidency, we have been forced to witness some of the stupidest actions and reactions from the current administration and its supporters. Obama, as well as Pelosi, are saying to us, the American public, that we are getting what THEY want, like it or not:

  1. The stimulus, or is it now stimuli?
  2. The Public Option also known as The Kennedy Last Man Standing Bill
  3. Czars…apparently, Obama can’t run the country on his own – at least 20 thus far
  4. The Constitution being ignored while Obama claimed he was a “Constitutional Law Professor”
  5. But ya gotta love the ‘evil eye’ he gives reporters

Stupid part:  FromPoliticoTeam Obama isn’t exactly jumping to back Van Jones today in wake of revelations that in the past he signed on to one of the “truther” groups that claimed 9/11 was an inside job. Oh, and he called Republicans a**holes in a video earlier this year before he was appointed.

From The Hill House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) argued that Jones, who has been embroiled in two national controversies this week, should lose his job, and said that Congress should have more say over the dozens of “czars” installed by Obama since taking office.

Right on, Mr. Pence. Is any of this Czar stuff constitutional? I can see the all new low of 45% approval rate is workin’ for Obama.

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