I guess what grieves me more than anything is how deceived we humans can be. A great example is our current president and his administration. Lie after lie and still he seems to attract more attention and get more leeway than any other commander in chief.

Still, aren’t we at the top of the food chain? Shouldn’t we be so intelligent, especially at this point in time, that we should be on auto-pilot as a people?

If all of the cool science fiction movies made in the last 60 years were really true, we should be a super race by now.

Instead, we’re dumb and dumber.

We have ears of discernment that was God-given if we’d only use them. We have all bounced around in this life listening to the rest of the world justifying bad behaviour with psychological mumbo jumbo oxymoronic garbage.

Can we justify playing God? How can anyone take the life of a child with abortion OR make one for a homosexual couple that can’t possibly reproduce?

How can we justify the presence of God and not believe everything the Bible says?

Can we have an adulterous affair and go to Church on Sunday without feeling the wrath of God?

Can we go to the club to drink and dance in the name of Jesus?

Do we really think our sin doesn’t hurt anyone? Is there no condemnation?

Are we that deceived?

I’m talking to you, CHRISTIAN.


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