Or at least abortion does.

“You see, this summer has been brutal for Operation Rescue,” Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, wrote. “Not only did George Tiller’s death throw everybody in the pro-life movement for a loop (and especially us), but the economic crisis our nation is suffering has brought our financial support to nearly a halt.”

This article further says that Mr. Newman has not taken his salary in the last two months and that donations are down by about 40%.

There is no government funding for organizations that save unborn children from murder. But there is a whole lot of government funding for murdering defenseless babies. Like it or not, you and I pay for it. Planned Parenthood is paid millions of dollars per year for their abomination. This is no different than paying someone to kill your spouse for you, yet lots of people are spending the rest of their lives in prison for being paid to kill.

Further, Vicki Saporta, president of National Abortion Federation, said that since Tiller’s shooting her abortion rights group has had tens of thousands of dollars in new donations from people who were outraged by it.

If a person feels the need to pay for another woman’s abortion, perhaps that person should stand out on the sidewalk handing out $100 bills to expectant mothers at the abortion clinic instead of donating like a coward, nameless – and do it right next to the people that are praying for just one woman to save the life of her baby. But that person will not stand on the sidewalk because people that donate to abortion rights organizations typically want to be nameless. They don’t want to see the face of a mother that is about to murder her child.

After looking at other blog posts regarding Operation Rescue, the usual foul-mouth filth associated with the extreme left comes floating to the top – kind of like what floats in toilets. When you have time to use that kind of language at the expense of a person’s life instead of actually learning what the issues, laws, legislation and opinions are – then your half-witted opinion means zero and is almost laughable.

Abortion is murder and murder is a CRIME.

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