How far away is China? Not as far away as I’d like. There is a little-known battle for survival going in some parts of the world. Those at risk are baby girls, and the casualties are in the millions each year. The weapons being used against them are prenatal sex selection, abortion and female infanticide — the systematic killing of girls soon after they are born.

In September 1997, the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for the Western Pacific issued a report claiming that more than 50 million women were estimated to be ‘missing’ in China because of the institutionalized killing and neglect of girls due to Beijing’s population control program that limits parents to one child. –

Another site claimed that number was over 60 million girls ‘missing’; not boys – girls.

Baby trafficking has become quite the big business in China. But it’s what the black market and the Chinese government will do to get these infants that frustrate and sicken me (read the entire article here):

“I’m going to sell the baby for foreign adoption. I can get a lot of money for her,” he told the sobbing mother as he drove her with the baby to an orphanage in Zhenyuan, a nearby city in the southern province of Guizhou. In return, he promised that the family wouldn’t have to pay fines for violating China’s one-child policy.

But some parents are beginning to come forward to tell harrowing stories of babies who were taken away by coercion, fraud or kidnapping — sometimes by government officials who covered their tracks by pretending that the babies had been abandoned.

Can anyone imagine someone coming to your door to take your baby because you have ‘enough’ children? Most of these parents are from remote villages and are illiterate.

One adoptive mother comments:  “I love my daughter, but if I had any idea my money would cause her to be taken away from another mother who loved her, I never would have adopted.”

China forces women to abort their unborn children for the sake of the environment, as I reported in a recent post. China also socialized the Church so that the government can monitor it; but that’s for another post.

Then the Chinese government has this to say: “It’s a lie that they took babies away without their parents’ permission. That’s impossible,” said Peng Qiuping, a party official and propaganda chief for Zhenyuan. “These parents agreed that the children should be put up for adoption. They understood that they were greedy and had more children than they could afford.”

China is ruining our economy and they sell their children to us? Is that a cost you are willing to make? But interestingly, I’m watching a show on PBS regarding the Chinese and world economy as a whole…but I didn’t see any children.

How much longer will it take until our ability to have a family in the United States is ‘governed’?

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