No, of course not. There is not one person that has been born that was not supposed to be. I’ve been meaning to write this particular piece but I was going back and forth with how I wanted to conceptualize the character that will be in question. Then she came to me.

I wrote a piece about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how that has everything to do with Post Abortion Syndrome. As with most disorders or syndromes, there are those that will say there is no such thing, usually to mask a flaw in their ideology.

An unnamed woman commented about the article with some distaste, which I have become accustomed to. Anyway, she says in part:

“Hell on earth is being an unwanted child. . .a child who is not protected from incest and child abuse or dating abuse or domestic violence or stalking and sexual harassment. . .because the parents never wanted the child in the first place. . .never wanted to accept the responsibility of rearing that child and giving that child a proper foundation for life.”

I am quite happy that she sent this to me; it solidifies who I am and what my ministry is. However, while I can appreciate what it’s like having a lousy childhood, it does not mean that my life or anyone else’s life was expendable because of it.

First of all, if a person is not mentally equipped to have children, then they should not be mentally equipped to have sex, either. If you keep going into the shoe store, you’ll eventually buy shoes. If you don’t want kids, then keep your pants on.

Second, my God gave this woman’s abuser(s) EVERY opportunity to stop; they chose not to. He also gave my parents every opportunity to be better spouses and parents. I’m sorry that it didn’t go the way it should have, but I know that I cannot be at fault for their lousy parenting. People that abuse are not listening to the things of God, they are listening to the world and how the world justifies through psychology that ‘I’m okay; you’re okay’.

Third, like the song says, God can take away your yesterdays. While we still have memories – flashbacks, they shift and change and seem further away than they used to. That is a merciful God.

Fourth, abortion is never the answer to anything, ever. Killing a child because of bad circumstances would limit God to be God. We, as humans, believe that we should help God along with His decisions mostly because of our impatience and superiority. Since we think that having a baby now is not such a good idea, we take the bull by the horns and fix (abort) what God messed up. Every person, good and bad, have been ordained by God since the foundation of the world to be here at the time that we were born. We are here to glorify Him, not ourselves or anyone else.

You see, I used to be her. I was the sorrowful one that made my yesterdays everyday instead of getting over what I cannot change. Then I met the Master. If it weren’t for Him, I would still be drunk lamenting my lousy existence. Instead, I have a life with purpose. That woman needs to meet Jesus. Her bitterness with life would disappear and would be replaced with a loving kindness that only God can give.

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