When someone regards the prolife issue, one of the first things that you learn is NOT to play God. And what I mean is this: aborting a child is not letting God be God. When a baby is aborted, you have just taken the situation out of God’s hands and tried to fix the situation yourself.

That being said, the subject of in vitro fertilization is in and out of the news, like the Octomom debacle or the Jon and Kate flub. It was not the Will of God for these babies to be brought into the world through IVF manipulation; it was, however, allowed.

There are many more stories that are considered positive; married couples that couldn’t conceive and needed a little help getting pregnant…even using surrogates to achieve parenthood. But as involved and loving as that sounds, isn’t that playing God?

IVF has played a huge part in the gay agenda helping pseudo spouses to conceive with either a surrogate or their partner. Women past menopause are conceiving children up to 70 years old. One woman died because the stress on her body was too much. She died at 69 year of age leaving two year old twins behind. Another woman in India gave birth to her ‘first’ child at 70 years old.

God does not honor the purposeful manipulation of His Deity.

Then two recent stories in the news has people puzzled and anxious. One story in New Orleans says their frozen embryos have been misplaced and another couple in Ohio was implanted with the wrong embryo and is about to give birth to someone else’s child. How does this happen? Through manipulation of things not meant for us humans to manage.

The progressive left wants to abort unwanted children on-demand, and then wants to make kids in dishes at will. How far off is this from Auschwitz ‘medical’ experiments?

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