We should all want to be more like John Pouillon. He got up off the couch and did something he was passionate about – saving the babies.

When John Pouillon was shot dead in Owosso, Michigan, last month while holding an anti-abortion sign outside a high school, I wondered why he was in front of a high school instead of a clinic. At first, I was a little disappointed in him for choosing to be near a school to protest. I am the staunchest of prolifers but even I wouldn’t consider going near a school – I’m a mom and I wondered what I would think if someone chose my kid’s school to protest their cause.

But after researching issues like abortion and the gay agenda for as long as I have, I kind of had an epiphany – everyone is allowed in public schools but God and parents.

Let me explain…in public school, your minor daughter can get an abortion on school time and because of strict privacy laws and the ACLU, she’ll even get a ride there and back and no one has to notify you even though she is underage. Conversely, she has to have a note signed by you to take an aspirin.

I’m glad Pouillon was in front of that school…maybe a pregnant teenage girl saw him there and decided to keep her baby.

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