Or, being the witness God intended YOU to be.

I was 40 years old when someone had the GUTS to tell me that I was a sinner destined for Hell and that Jesus is the source of what I need to live and desire to have.

So what took so long for someone to witness to me?

People that are ‘searching’ and ‘seeking’ want relief from what ails them. Interestingly, they don’t know what that is – either the relief they need or the source of it. It’s just there. You know someone like this, we all do. The seeking unsaved are evident and marked – it’s as if their lousy lifestyle or crummy ‘luck’ sticks out like a sore thumb and we, the professional Christians, are too blind and selfish and lazy to get up off the couch to tell them about Jesus.

Desperation can spin a seeker to look to Islam, Buddhism, Oprah or even atheism to find acceptance. Some turn to homosexuality for comfort and approval and love. God is not in any of that mess nor will he ever be. So where else does the ‘seeker’ seek?

When’s the last time you’ve been to a Christian book store? Instead of the Bible being the resource for everything, Christian self-help books have blanketed the market to sooth the ‘seeker’.

But there are no self-help books that actually help; they are made up of hopes and dreams and promises from someone that seems to be leading some super-life that everyone yearns for. A lot of times the authors of these books are professing Christians that say they are purposing to help you make God the center point of your life. Okay, I see how that could be the hook; it looks good, it sounds good. But do you really know the ‘walk’ these people have with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit? Is their opinion correct and in line with Bible doctrine? Are they even saved?

My point is that not one author tells you that the source of your pain and grief is from original sin. SIN. And most Christians won’t tell you that, either. Modern Christians are taught in their lackadaisical, community-center style church that the Cross and the shed Blood of Jesus Christ is an offense, not the answer that they are seeking. Without the Blood, there is no remission of Sin.

Why do we ‘seek’? We seek to find. We seek to conquer. We seek to have wisdom. We seek for revelation. God is apparent and He wants all of us Christians to be more like His Son Jesus. Jesus witnessed in the streets; He witnessed to the poor, He witnessed to the prostitute, He witnessed to the crippled and blind, He witnessed to the thief on the Cross – He witnessed to the sinner that all may know the Kingdom of Heaven and not a fiery Hell that we deserve.

Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven’. –Matthew 5:3, KJV.

Hey Christian!! GET OFF THE COUCH! Read the Bible.

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