Or, the fear and loathing of the Liberal Christian within the Post-Modern Church

There is a famine in the land of Goshen which was once the most fertile ground on this Earth – how can famine come from such prosperity?

The post-modern Church shows monetary prosperity but the resulting famine is the loss of souls in lieu of larger audiences and relevant world teaching instead of the Gospel of Christ. This was proven when it was realized that no one was getting saved. Prosperity and famine can reside together in the Modern Church. There will be acceptance to other heathen religions…famine.

There is a pandering of this new pseudo Gospel, much like the Message Bible, that is being preached – or discussed in community centers disguised as churches. The Post-Modern Church elected Obama and took out sacred text from the Bible to support their views on the acceptance of homosexuality, the progressive left agenda, abortion, evolution and the socialization of America. Hate crimes will include the preaching of the COMPLETE Word of God…famine.

How much longer will it take to wake up the spiritually dead in the Modern Church?

Beware, Liberal Christian – the Lord will come like a thief in the night and He is taking names.

Ref: Genesis 41:29-32; Revelation 3:15-22 ESV

NOTE: Feast of Weeks

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