Or, the fear and loathing of the Liberal Christian within the Post-Modern Church, part 3

What Bible are these people reading?

Emerging Church; Definition: “a label that has been used to refer to a particular subset of Christians who are rethinking Christianity against the backdrop of Postmodernism…. Emerging Church groups have typically contained some or all of the following elements:

  • Highly creative approaches to worship and spiritual reflection. This can involve everything from the use of contemporary music and films through to liturgy or other more ancient customs
  • A flexible approach to theology whereby individual differences in belief and morality are accepted within reason
  • A more holistic approach to the role of the church in society. This can mean anything from greater emphasis on fellowship in the structure of the group to a higher degree of emphasis on social action, community building or Christian outreach
  • A desire to reanalyze the Bible against the context into which it was written; Psalm 119:11

This Emergent movement does not use the Bible as a means of theology or measuring rod of truth and standards by which to live; and rather than have the Bible mold the Christian’s life, let the Christian’s life mold the Bible. Instead of just one person preaching truth or teaching biblical doctrine, everyone can have a say and thus come to a consensus….or conclusion(s) permeated from OPINIONS of those that do not know the Word of God as infallible.

“If churches embracing the principle of Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone) fail to understand and address the concerns voiced in the Emerging Church conversation, we may lose an entire generation of professing believers,” says the Rev. Rutledge Etheridge, an adjunct professor of systematic theology at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh and pastor of Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church.

The problem with that statement is that IF you can attract the quasi believer (post-evangelical) by artificial means, then what are you going to do to bring that post-evangelical about to understand the Bible as literal? What is your plan? Because, for all intents and purposes, that ‘believer’ does not have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, if he had it at all. There was a breakdown in the foundation of his walk as a new convert. This post-evangelical does not realize that he is searching for the truth. Most post-evangelicals will go from church to church, meeting to meeting, looking for something that they cannot put their finger on, but they know there is something tangible but just out of reach.

The Emergent Movement has not broken the bondages or freed the convert. Jesus said, ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’; John 8:32, KJV.

Get rid of your Message ‘Bible’, but first, let me tell you about Jesus…

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