Or, I wondered how long it would take for this to happen.

Scientists can now create sperm and eggs from stem cells.

According to the Daily Mail– ‘Human eggs and sperm have been grown in the laboratory in research which could change the face of parenthood’.

This is way too close to cloning.

This article set an ‘ethics’ kind of analysis of children being manufactured by artificial means – there is also a chance that female stem cells can create ‘sperm’ and male stem cells to create ‘eggs’, which is what the LGBT community wants. These scientists also use created embryos for cells in this horrific experiment.

If this is indeed artificial, then what would an artificial child be similar to? A ‘real’ baby? Or a being without a soul?

The article goes on to say, ‘The question is, why are we creating artificial eggs and sperm while aborting over 200K babies a year when there are many, many couples willing to adopt?’

Anthony Ozimic of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said, “There are no instances of any major medical advance achieved by abandoning basic ethical principles such as safeguarding the right to life.

This mad science experiment may never come to complete fruition but the problems are these – the science is there, these created embryos have been used as spare parts, and I’d bet the farm that tax dollars paid for it.

A commenter writes, ‘This is too scary. It’s reminiscent of a horror novel in which I have yet to read the ending…Why do I have the feeling that, in the end, we will only succeed in destroying ourselves?’

That is in fact true…but how much longer is God going to allow us to try to create upon His Creation?

Another commenter writes, “This is a big win for the hard core feminists. If the government can foot the bill for raising a child conceived in a test tube, women will be truly free from the bondages of sex, marriage and child rearing. A soulless, joyless life in the corporate world awaits them.”

Can’t say it any better.

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