From the Columbus Dispatch:  According to an annual report by the Department of Health, 29,613 abortions were performed in Ohio in 2008. That’s down 4 percent from the previous year and nearly a 25 percent drop since 1976, when the state began keeping statistics. The sharpest declines in abortions have been among teens and white women. Abortions dropped about 35 percent over the past decade among women 18 years old or younger. Abortions among white women fell 30 percent since 1997, while they fell 10 percent for black women.

The article doesn’t give any reasons or speculates for the declines in abortions in the state of Ohio.

“We are winning the fight against those who push abortion as the first and sometimes only choice for women in crisis,” said Michael Gonidakis, executive director of Ohio Right to Life.

Interestingly, Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, said it’s difficult to draw conclusions from these statistics.

Of course both sides of the issue have their opinions; lifers say abortions are down because women are counseled beforehand that this is a baby, not a glob of cells. Pro-choicers say it’s because women don’t have the money for gas to get to the next county to get an abortion….Ohio counties are 90% free of abortion clinics, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Getting back to the first paragraph of this story, yes, abortions are down. But 29,613 lives were lost in the state of Ohio due to abortion.

Clearly, the fight is not over but each battle that is won is a step closer to winning the war against abortion.

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