Or, About last night…

God is still in control. He has seen fit to give us another chance. Same sex marriage was told NO in the state of Maine and two states have regained Republican Governors.

With this repeal, Maine became the 31st state to reject same sex marriage with the popular vote. Five other states, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire and Vermont, have legalized same sex marriage, but just through court rulings and legislative action.

Virginians elected pro-life Republican Robert F. McDonnell governor, halting a decade of Democratic advances in a critical swing state. He took the win with 60% of the vote knocking out Democrat R. Creigh Deeds.

In another setback for LGBT supporters, Gov. Jon Corzine of New Jersey, who supports same sex marriage, lost to Christopher Christie, a pro-life Republican who opposes it. Many assumed the legislature there was near to pass a same sex marriage bill, but with Corzine’s sound defeat, it won’t be an ‘issue’.

On an even more personal level, in our home town of Dayton, Ohio, there was a mayoral race – and it has been about race since Rhine McLin became mayor in 2001. There is an East and West of the city of Dayton and she has clearly worked only the West side for the West side, which is predominately black. She campaigned fervently for Obama to get more money for her ‘city’; a city undoubtedly only in her mind. She never did one thing for the entire city as a whole. McLin has successfully run out nearly every Fortune 500 company that Dayton ever had since her stint in office. Remember, Dayton is the birthplace of aviation! Orville and Wilber Wright birthed flight there! And Rhine McLin had nearly single-handedly brought Dayton to a near death.

The City of Dayton has lost these Fortune 500 companies since 2001: NCR (lost 870+), Mead (lost 500+), GM & Delphi (lost over 20K employees), Reynolds & Reynolds – and that’s the short list. However, I am pleased to report that Dayton, Ohio, has a new mayor – Gary Leitzell, Independent. This is a true victory for the City of Dayton and its residents and businesses. Now Dayton can get its credibility back in the state of Ohio for new business and residents.

This is ‘change’ I can deal with.