Or, Rules are rules.

From the Dayton Daily News:  “It’s so unjust and such a ridiculously outdated policy,” she said. “Why use homophobia and discrimination on the basis of marital status to keep good loving parents from having children?”

A hospital network in Dayton, Ohio, does not help single women to get pregnant by IVF or artificial insemination. They don’t have to – they do not take government money, thus does not have to cower to political correctness.

The Kettering Health Network is a network of hospitals that is Seventh Day Adventist, by faith and by conviction. “Like many faith-based organizations, our focus is on offering reproductive medicine service to married couples. We refer requests from individuals to other centers who have historically served these types of requests. We are reviewing our position on this, given the request of this individual.”

Take this case and jump ahead a few years when healthcare is socialized and we will see a magnified change in policies. Can the Government force private hospitals to perform abortions and help same sex couples have children? Government money comes with a lot of baggage that in the end, we cannot afford. Slowly, we are being owned by what was a free enterprise system that has turned into a diverse agenda.

This diverse agenda that has evolved from everything in this world that is against God – has everything to do with our impending new healthcare system.

From the New York Times:  Supporters of gay rights have long been trying to change the tax treatment of health benefits provided by employers to the domestic partners of their employees. In effect, such benefits are now treated as taxable income for the employee, and the employer may owe payroll taxes on their fair-market value. Under the bill, such benefits would be tax-free, just like health benefits provided to the family of an employee married to a person of the opposite sex.

The new healthcare bill is making provisions for same sex couples and single people to make families on our tax dime as well as killing unborn children.

How is that healthcare?

While your mom’s Medicare is cut in half, minor girls can have tax payer-paid abortions.

While your grandmother is waiting on the opinion of a death-panel, a lesbian couple can get free counseling to start their new family.

While your dad is waiting for news that he might be eligible for a heart transplant that would save his life, vending machines and fast food restaurants get their new government mandated labeling system to warn the public of fat and cholesterol in the food they are about to eat.

That is a Diverse Agenda – an agenda that is open to any wind of change of the Progressive Left.