Or, The Circus is in town.

Since the House vote on Bill HR3962 and the rejection of abortion services covered (Stupak Amendment, HR3962, Rev 108), the backlash has been interesting and entertaining seeing how Republicans and Democrats are reacting to it:

‘Dozens of House members are vowing in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to vote against any final House-Senate compromise that contains the new abortion restrictions. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., is continuing to gather signatures on the letter, which calls the language “unprecedented and unacceptable.” In the hour after the Saturday night vote, she told me, more than 40 people signed on – enough to sink the final bill. “People were mad,” she said.’ Read the entire article here.

NARAL is threatening not to campaign for any Dem that voted to expel abortion services from HR3962 which proves that this is an AGENDA for the abortion business, not a civil right that it is claimed to be. Protecting the lives of the unborn is getting a bit messy in Washington. How is it that anyone can deem that killing children is good government?

‘The House bill as introduced included a carefully negotiated compromise involving a new competitive insurance marketplace, or exchange, for the self-employed and the uninsured. If they received federal subsidies to help them pay for plans, that money would be segregated and used for services other than abortion. Thus the new health bill would comply with the Hyde Amendment that bars federal funds for abortion.’

An agenda is a clear and present danger; it poses questions and questionable tactics to gain a civil right to do an injustice to those that either cannot speak for themselves or are not smart enough to truly sort out the presumed fact from fiction that is presented. Thusly, we are inundated with their rhetoric and their ideology to support a selfish scheme for a sect of people that DO NOT have ‘tolerance’ for yours.

There is much more to discuss and agree upon IF any healthcare bill were to come across the president’s desk. But now we have Democrats fighting each other.

The case of Abortion in Government will likely be the mechanism to upend the entire HR3962. I assure you that there is another bill being written right now to blow yet another smokescreen to justify all Liberal agendas while Obama is in office….because now they realize that this guy is most probably a one-termer.

C’mon lifers…it’s time to take the gloves off. This whole debacle proves that Abortion cannot be in government anywhere under any circumstances.