Senator Mary Landrieu, moderate Democrat of the state of Louisiana has been on the fence regarding the healthcare issue. Is Landrieu and Louisiana going to be bought and paid for by Harry Reid and his healthcare bill? 100 million dollars says YES.

AP –  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s health care bill has millions of dollars to help Louisiana finance Medicaid at a time when he is hoping that state’s wavering Democratic senator will support overhaul legislation. The bill provides at least $100 million for Louisiana in extra funds for Medicaid, the state-federal health program for the poor. Louisiana’s Democratic senator, Mary Landrieu, has said she is undecided about the Democratic health care package. Reid needs the votes of all 60 Democratic senators for the Senate debate to begin. Landrieu spokesman Aaron Saunders says the senator worked with Reid to get the Medicaid money into the bill, but remains undecided about whether she will vote to allow debate to start.

WWLTV says:  Regardless of which way she stands, it’s sure to draw criticism for the senior Senator in Louisiana. If she votes to topple the filibuster it would anger Republicans in Louisiana, where the GOP has dominated statewide elections over the past couple elections; however, a vote against it would signal her out as one of the few – perhaps the only – Democrats to stand against the bill.

Sen. Mary Landrieu said she will decide Thursday about whether to allow the health-care bill to get to the floor for debate in the Senate, effectively putting majority leader Harry Reid either one step closer or one step back to the 60 votes needed to surmount a Republican filibuster. Landrieu said until she gets the projected numbers from the Congressional Budget Office, she’s staying neutral on the bill.

Read the Harry Reid healthcare bill HR3590 here.

Under his proposed plan, almost all Americans would be required to have health insurance, or pay a fine – up to $750 for an individual and $3,000 for a family.

Pony up, y’all.