From Fox News:  Women’s rights groups were caught off-guard by the provision that passed the House and are now vowing to keep similar language out of the Senate bill. Hundreds of activists organized by Planned Parenthood and other groups rallied Wednesday, holding signs reading “Listen up senators: Women’s health is not negotiable.”

When is a child’s life not negotiable? The article further says, ‘The language passed by the House would forbid any health plan that receives federal subsidies from paying for abortions, except in cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother’s life. A new government insurance plan couldn’t offer abortions, and women would have to purchase separate coverage for abortion services’.

I have to admit…in my 48 years on this earth and having lived in nearly half of our United States, I have never heard of insurance coverage for abortion. Not once. How ugly and revolting has our society become? Why would a woman have to have such a thing?

‘A woman’s right to choose’ is a hideous reminder of what man’s law has done to undo what God has for us. A choice for reproductive health has become cold blooded murder.

The Bible does not tell women one thing about reproductive health. But what it does teach is no sex before marriage and to submit to our own husbands. The simplicity of the Word of God makes this incredibly easy to understand….sex is for the marriage bed only.  There is no gray area, no maybes.

More and more Christian women are getting divorces and abortions and the stats are staggeringly close to those of the secular world. Why is that? Clearly because Christians are further away from the Word of God than ever before. And the Church won’t teach the truth because they fear they may insult and turn away future givers for having said the truth.

When is a child’s life not negotiable? Women are under the impression that they are successful when they can completely plan and rule everything; the man or men they may marry, having children AFTER they’re done having ‘a life’, buying cars and homes, having a career – it’s being taught to young girls that they are equal to men as well as being deserving of the things of the world in spite of Christian principles. Since the fall of man in Eden, women are not equal with men. Scripture clearly says ‘and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you*’. So, this being said, we as women are to have children with our husbands, not kill them. It has never been in the Plan of God to subject unsuspecting children to cold blooded murder while still in the womb.

Getting back to the healthcare bill amendment to limit abortions, it’s a good thing that there will be limitations to the deaths of babies, however, this does not stop the slaughter. This is not enough to only kill babies conceived from incest, rape or during a health issue. If that is okay, then would it have been acceptable to only kill 20% of the Holocaust victims at Auschwitz?

When is a child’s life not negotiable? A life is never negotiable. Abortion kills.

*Genesis 3:16