Or, No girls allowed!

In this fast food world where we can get anything instantly for a nominal fee, we are faced with a truly evil undermining of our sensibilities and moral ethic….family balancing.

This particular technique in reproductive choice is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

This technology can help the tentative parents choose gender of their child. Through in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryos can be chosen regarding gender and free of disease or disability. The others not chosen are simply discarded, adopted or donated to science to be dissected.

From CNN:  Using PGD for gender selection is banned in most countries, but it is legal in the U.S., where the procedure costs around $18,000, including in-vitro fertilization. Los Angeles fertility expert Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg uses PGD for gender selection. He told CNN’s Vital Signs program that many of his American clients already have children of one gender and are trying to achieve “family balancing.” He added that 70 percent of his patients are from countries where the procedure is banned.

Critics are questioning the ethics of gender selection, and some argue that it could lead to gender imbalance particularly in societies with a traditional preference for boys, like China for example. The imbalance is so great in China that there are now not enough women for all the boys that were allowed to live outside the womb.

Other countries see the folly of such technology and have made it illegal, as it should be.

Taking life lightly does not please God.

Leonard Fleck (Ph.D.) of Michigan State University would argue that ‘We have entered (and cannot exit) the age of genetic responsibility’. Fleck further says:  ‘Morally speaking, choosing PGD should be thought of as a matter of procreative liberty’:

  • Parents are not violating the rights of anyone (from a secular perspective)
  • Parents intent is to act in the best interests of a future possible child
  • No obvious social harm in permitting parents to make such choices

How does one wrap their mind around such frivolousness of human life?

Fleck also says ‘I would argue that it would be morally wrong for a physician to fail to inform a couple concerned about the conception of a child with a serious genetic disorder of the option of PGD’.

People like Fleck and many, many others fail to realize that trying to eradicate disease and disability with PGD is not failsafe. We have disease and disability because of the Fall of Man; it is the result of Sin, plain and simple. We are made perfect in the eyes of God regardless if the world thinks not.

And lastly, Fleck says ‘Physicians will be critical to protecting the liberal foundations of our society, most especially the patterns of mutual respect needed for maintaining just policies and social practices in these matters’.

The future of such science goes hand in hand with the Progressive Left in keeping their options open regarding life issues. As long as Americans vote in Democrats, we will make ourselves obsolete as a people to the hands of scientists. Further, if will not regard God in these matters and society as a whole, we will bring the hand of God sooner rather than later.