The List no real woman should be a part of.

Not the ‘A’ list or even the D list…but take serious note of ‘EMILY’s List. It’s not for the faint of heart – these women mean to take over the political scheme of things. It is a prerequisite to be terminal baby hating pro-choicer.

EMILY’s List members are dedicated to building a progressive America by electing pro-choice Democratic women to office. We believe in the power of women as candidates, as contributors, as campaign professionals, and as voters to bring about great change in our country.….helping them build and run effective campaign organizations; and mobilizing women voters to help elect progressive candidates across the nation.

Having been in sales, I know women are key to the sales force because of our perceived nature as being calm, nurturing, non-confrontational, maternal, etc. The actuality is to break down the invisible wall between the customer and the sale; kind of like a ringer. The same holds true to women in politics. Most of them do not want to be known as someone’s wife or mother….they want to be lethal rattlesnakes that will not deter from their path of reckless man hating and baby hating – an EMILY’s Lister. Read here the ‘women’ that EMILY’s List helped to elect and here to see the women they are currently getting contributions for election or reelection. These women mean to undermine what real women are….wives, mothers and grandmothers.

GOP blocked Johnsen, for now.

President Obama’s controversial choice to head the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, Dawn Johnsen, a law professor at Indiana University, would be in charge of the office that formulates the attorney general’s formal opinions and provides counsel on the biggest and most controversial legal questions such as abortion. Her nomination was blocked, thankfully, before Christmas by the GOP; at least for now.

Johnson compares ‘forced pregnancy’ with slavery.

Some of her resume includes having been Legal Director of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (now NARAL Pro-Choice America) and has also worked at the American Civil Liberties Union Reproductive Freedom Project.

Johnsen claims ‘Fetal rights laws would not only infringe on constitutionally protected liberty and privacy rights of individual women, they would also serve to disadvantage women as women…’ – CWA points out that according to Johnsen, ‘the fetus magically becomes a person when the mother wants to have the baby. Essentially you could have two women, both six months pregnant, one carrying a fetus person protected by the Constitution because she wants to have the child, and the other one carrying a fetus blob of tissue with no rights whatsoever because she doesn’t want to have that baby.’

Also cited by CWA, ‘….VAAPCOM was the Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy investigation that was discovered by Judicial Watch, a watchdog organization, after a Freedom of Information Act request. The documents revealed that the Justice Department under Janet Reno started an investigation in 1994 – while Johnsen was a deputy assistant attorney general – where they pressured the FBI to investigate pro-life organizations and its supporters. Read the CWA article here.

While these women continue the legal slaughter of children, we need to save these tiny babies – one beating heart at a time.