Ah, that time of year again where we can reflect on what we should have done this past year and what we intend to do THIS year…hence, resolution. What to do…what to do.

I am thankful that I don’t have to be perfect; Jesus is the Perfect One and has shown us that we are perfectly made in the Father’s eyes but woefully inadequate in character. Salvation is quick but sanctification is a lifelong process; by which I heartily encourage everyone to do and be.

The issue of Life is a simple one – Life begins with the Father.

I wince every time I see how many lives are lost to abortion. My heart aches. Sometimes is seems like no matter how much you do, it is a never ending holocaust. And in a way that is correct. However, if we give up the fight then they win.

So while I make the traditional Pork Roast and Cabbage New Years Day meal I wonder how much more I can do to drive a wedge in the pro-choice movement. As I mentioned above, sanctification is a lifelong process – so is the fight for Life.

So many things have happened in this past year since BHO became president that I can’t venture making a list that long. His new administration has cut the case for Life to the point that hardly anyone has any regard for it. The list is getting long for those that are considered ‘throw-away’ people…old people sucking up government funds to stay alive and the unborn that MAY suck up government funds in the future.

To say what will happen this year is anyone’s guess. But what we can do is unite in the fight and be there for someone you may never meet – a child born instead of a child murdered.

All Life is viable and precious. Fight for it.

Our newest granddaughter, Joelle Ada.