Mass abortion…In Massachusetts. As usual.

From the Boston Globe:  Abortion rights advocates said Democrat Martha Coakley, the attorney general, has used whatever position she is in to advance their cause – and that her work predates her time in politics. Before she joined the Middlesex district attorney’s office in 1986, for example, Coakley was a private lawyer who volunteered her time to help minors get court orders for abortions when they could not get their parents’ consent.

And what about Republican Scott Brown? Again, in order to hold the attention of the ultra Liberal in Massachusetts, he is also pro-choice. Both candidates support Roe v. Wade.

That is some serious kissing-up to voters.

“I know that none of the young women wanted to do this,’’ Coakley said in a recent interview. “Many of them had tried to be careful or used contraception and it failed, or they did not understand. They had pointed out to me, what I still think is true, that we don’t do a very good job around sex education for a lot of young women.’’

I think Forrest Gump has competition. Is that the most ridiculous statement? You can’t get girls that age to clean their room and you want them to remember to take a pill they are too young to have in the first place? They aren’t old enough to vote! YET…

“While this decision should ultimately be made by the woman in consultation with her doctor, I believe we need to reduce the number of abortions in America,’’ Scott Brown said.

How can you support Roe v. Wade and also support the Women’s Right to Know Act, Mr. Brown?

Truly, it’s all about the votes in a particular state that is particularly a Liberal’s Liberal. Sucking up to the public is not attractive. Murder is murder no matter how you slice it.

This is a perfect epitaph for such a Senator as Kennedy…keep the murder of innocent babies in clear focus while keeping us busy and bothered with the healthcare bill. Ingenious.